Siempre Tequila Releases Supremo Blanco

Siempre Tequila will not be solely my favourite tequila, however they preserve popping out with new expressions that make me love the product much more! 

They simply launched Supremo Blanco, a formidable new conventional venture from Siempre that prime proof lovers will get pleasure from.

So as to make Supremo, the oldsters at Siempre take the supermo agaves and bake them in conventional brick ovens utilizing locomotive-style steam to warmth. As soon as absolutely cooked, they’re unloaded and crushed utilizing tahona. The collected juice is then wild fermented, which implies they do not add any yeast and simply let nature run its course. 

As soon as fermented, it’s distilled twice in alambique stills, then the hearts and a big a part of the tail of the distillate are collected and bottled at nonetheless power. 

I was lucky to have acquired a pattern bottle from my buddies at Siempre despatched a bottle from the corporate and included my ideas beneath. 

To the nostril, Supremo gives a shiny agave, fruit, minerals, whiff of hay, good and clear with no overpowering alcohol you may worry from a 110 proof Blanco.

To the palette: candy agave, salt water, jalapeño, lengthy end. I favor the fruity nostril a tad greater than the salty spicy taste, however each are glorious.

I can’t wait to see what Siempre comes out with subsequent, as a result of each expression they’ve launched to this point has been nothing however glorious.  

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